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If you are a US Citizen Living outside of US or in other words American Expat and you are looking for a trusted and reliable CPA to help you file your expat taxes returns online with in your comfort zone then you are at the right place. Expat tax relief is just for those US Citizen/ US Expats looking for a trusted Expat tax Advisor.

Expat Tax Relief offers complete tax preparation services for U.S Citizen living outside of the U.S. We specialize in preparing US Individual Tax Returns and supporting documentation, including FBAR and FATCA required for foreign bank account reporting. We support self employed expats with filing their quarterly estimated taxes, attaching Schedule C to the 1040 tax form and filing quarterly with the IRS. Our specialty is Foreign Earned Income Exclusion taxes returns and extension applications (IRS Form 2555).

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Filing US Expatriate Tax returns or Expatriate taxation or Expat tax services

We are a US tax firm with CPAs and Top-notch Expat Tax professionals. Our goal is to provide our clients with a long-term professional relationship. We also provide our clients with up-to-date guidance regarding US Reporting and Expat Tax changes. We focus on the needs of US citizens and residents living abroad and Need assistance in filing their Expat tax returns.

We are a leading tax firm that is truly experienced in the US and international Expat Tax disciplines. We do not outsource our work, our clients prefer to work with an established professional firm that stands behind their work and is available year after year. We understand that the issues of tax compliance are critical to the financial well-being of our clients and we value the trust our clients place in us.

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Expatriate tax law can be complex and overwhelming. But you do not have to go it alone. We are the experts in expat tax law, and we make filing your taxes easy. Our services include, but are not limited to: U.S State Tax Returns, Filing 1040NR, Filing 1040NRE, Preparing 1040X’s and Amended Returns, FBAR preparation/filing.

Tax Preparation Services of US Expats

Need to deal with US taxes from a different country? We’re doing great work for expats all over the world, including specialized services for professional athletes (foreign earned income exclusion)

Never worry again, Your US Expat Taxes are done right.

You’ve made the decision to live outside of the U.S. Now what? We have years of experience helping expats understand the tax implications of living abroad and can ensure you are doing everything that is needed to avoid double taxation and fulfill your annual filing obligations. Our services are 100% guaranteed, with a fixed rate and a flat fee for most returns.

Let our US Expat Tax Professionals (CPAs) maneuver the laws to limit your liabilities and get you & your business a piece of mind, all the time.

Expat tax professionals

Following are services we provide at Expat Tax Relief USA for Our fellow Expatriate Americans Living Abroad to file their US expatriate tax returns online. At Expat Tax Relief, we understand the unique financial needs of Americans living abroad and we're here to help. We have assembled a team of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) who are experts in U.S. expat taxes, and it is our mission to make sure that you overseas taxpayers get the maximum possible refund on your tax return. We take care of all the hard work, so that you just have to check your email for the good news.

Individual Expats Income tax returns filing by expat tax relief

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You have choices when it comes to expat tax preparation. When you choose Expat Tax Relief, you can be confident that we understand your unique situation and are up-to-the-minute on expat tax laws. This means that our service combines a thorough understanding of U.S. income tax and expat credits with detailed insight into the challenges of preparing for an annual tax return from overseas.

Business Tax services for US Expats living abroad by expat tax relief

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Feel secure in the knowledge that your taxes are being prepared by qualified U.S. CPAs, and e-filed with the IRS directly–no muss, no fuss. Our team of Certified Public Accountants specializes in expat tax preparation, and will consult directly with you concerning any questions or concerns related to expat taxation.

Foreign Income Tax Credit and Expat Tax Services by expattaxrelief.com

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Many Americans living outside of the U.S. are not aware of their options for filing taxes. We help these expats navigate the confusing tax laws and prepare a tax return specifically for them–helping them to preserve their maximum amount of benefits and exemptions and defray their overall tax burden as they continue to live overseas.

Expat Tax Services by our CPAs

Whether you’re living in Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia or the Middle East, Expat Tax Relief has all your tax and financial needs covered — including US expat tax assistance, investment advisory services, retirement and estate planning, Social Security benefits, health and life insurance, Medicare coverage and more. Whether you’re preparing for a move to a new country or have been living overseas for years, Expat Tax Relief will provide personalized tax preparation services that meet your unique needs and help eliminate the burden of complicated tax regulations.


Similar to a subpart F inclusion, “U.S. Shareholders” of CFCs include GILTI in income on an annual basis. U.S. corporations may be entitled under section 250 to a deduction of up to 50% of their GILTI inclusion and related section 78 gross-up. Unlike a subpart F inclusion, a U.S. Shareholder

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Form 14654 and the Streamlined Offshore Program

There are two directions for the IRS streamlined program. These are the SFOP (Streamlined Foreign Offshore Program) and the SDOP (Streamlined Domestic Offshore Program). Both the SFOP and SDOP has the following benefits: amnesty from FBAR penalties, accuracy-related penalties, and failure to file penalties. Differences between the SFOP and SDOP

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FATCA compliance and FBAR filing

FATCA was signed into law in 2010, with an aim to levy certain taxes on U.S. citizens and entities with substantial overseas holdings and the overseas institutions that enable some sorts of tax evasion. Requires foreign banks to report and pass due diligence of US persons bank accounts to accurately

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Form 8621 (PFIC)

Required when there is distribution of income from a passive foreign investment company (PFICs) in which a U.S. person is a shareholder or a disposition of the shares of a PFIC by gift, death and most types of otherwise tax free exchanges or redemptions. This form must be filed to

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Form 3520

Annual Return to Report Transactions With Foreign Trusts and Receipt of Certain Foreign Gifts Usually amounts of $100,000 or more are required to be reported in a calendar year.

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Specialized American expat tax services

Expat Tax Relief is a Company of US Tax Experts specializing in Expat Taxes. We understand the unique challenges that come with living and working abroad, and we’re here to help you get the most out of your American expatriate tax benefits. Our team of experts are committed to providing you with personalized service, ensuring that you understand your tax obligations and how they relate to your individual situation.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • -Tax return preparation for those who live or work outside the US (or for those who live outside but own property in the US)
  • -Planning for retirement accounts, including IRAs and 401(k)s
  • -Preparation and filing of individual nonresident alien tax returns (Form 1040NR)
  • -Filing an amended return if you failed to report income earned while living abroad

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We’re here to help you navigate the complex world of taxes.

Fastest Online Expat Tax Filing Process

Based in the USA, Expat Tax Relief is the only company that offers in-depth preparation and filing services for U.S. Citizens living outside of the U.S. Everything you need to file your taxes correctly is right here on our website under our Free Resources!

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In client portal tab, click register, and start exchanging documents securely.

Submit your Documents

After submitting your tax documents through your created account, your personal CPA or Tax Accountant will reach out to you to start the process.

Tax Preparation and Finalization

Your personal CPA or Tax Accountant will prepare your return and share it with you in your account portal for review. You will receive your final draft to keep and you will receive E signature email to complete.

E Filing and Paying your fee

Once your fee payment is made through “Pay your Invoice” tab, your personal CPA or Tax Accountant will E file your tax return and confirm with you that the process is completed.

We can prepare and file your US Expatriate taxes no matter where you live and no matter where you are

Our Firm features an innovative tax preparation system that expedites the preparation of your US expatriate tax return no matter where you live in the world. We have a secure client portal system, which allows us to retrieve your tax documents and to provide our completed returns to you through a system that is much safer than e-mails. We also have Skype technology available for voice and video conferencing to help you facilitate communication with us.

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